Creating Resilient Community

We are an intentional community in Portland, OR, seeking to respond to the intersecting crises we face – including homelessness, climate change, and social collapse – by gathering and organizing people committed to a world rooted in radical justice and nonviolence. 

We are part of the Catholic Worker movement, and welcome people of all faiths and of no faith who desire to work for a more just world.

Our Values


We seek to live in intentional and committed relationship with our neighbors, the land, and all beings who call this place home.


We commit to cultivating deep reverence for all beings and for life itself through listening, mindfulness, and contemplative practice.



We will name and work to nonviolently dismantle the systems of domination that are destroying life on Earth and in our cities and streets.

News and Reflections from Dandelion House

Finding Our “Liturgy of Hope”

Twelve years ago, I joined the LACW as a summer intern. On the first day of our internship, veteran Catholic Worker and then-editor of the Agitator Jeff Dietrich reviewed the weekly schedule with us. It included days for the Hippie Kitchen, other days for the street corner oatmeal breakfast, and still other days and times for the death penalty vigil, the anti-war vigil, culture critique, Eucharist, and happy hour. As he finished showing us the calendar he remarked, “This is our liturgy of hope.”

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Resistance and Love in the Christmas Story

Amidst all that is good about this season – family, community, joy – and all that is difficult – loneliness, consumerism, family dysfunction – it is helpful for me to recall the radical message of the Christmas story.

Both Christmas stories from the Bible tell of forced migrations as a result of imperial policy.

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Our New Home

We have a house! It’s small, but on a big lot, and when we arrived for the Open House the yard and the path leading up to it was filled with dandelions.

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